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1 Introduction

This document is supposed to be an addendum to the baseline ‘GCC’ documentation.

It focuses on the features that are visible by users and are important to them. It is not supposed to document the internals of the AmigaOS port of ‘GCC’.

It describes features implemented in the ‘Geek Gadgets GCC’ port. As of this writing, this is version, ‘Geek Gadgets’ snapshot ‘970728’. For more information about ‘Geek Gadgets’, please refer to:

This document also describes some features that are not yet part of the ‘Geek Gadgets GCC’ port, but which should be there soon. Such features are marked with [EXPERIMENTAL]. If you have ‘GCC’ from a snapshot later than specified above, it's possible that these features are available in it. Some of these features might also be available in BETA ‘GCC’ releases available on Kamil Iskra's WWW page:

This document focuses on ‘GCC’. It does not describe the AmigaOS-only features of other ‘GNU’ packages, such as ‘binutils’, unless they are very closely connected to ‘GCC’.

This means, that, unless stated otherwise, when we talk about the “compiler”, we mean the gcc, cpp and cc1 executables, i.e., the executables that convert ‘C’ source code to assembly source code. The assembler and linker are generally beyond the scope of this document.

The primary source of information used to create this document was the ‘GCC’ source code. Some parts of this document are based on:

This document was created by Kamil Iskra. Please email any questions, suggestions etc. to <> or, even better, to the <> mailing list.

The author would like to thank Kriton Kyrimis <> and Lars Hecking <> for correcting an awful lot of language mistakes in this document.