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4.2 Symbols identifying specified options

GCC’ has several options to choose the CPU model that the code should be generated for. The following preprocessor symbols identify which options have been specified on the command line:

Either one of ‘-m68020’, ‘-mc68020’ or ‘-mc68020-40’ has been specified.
-m68030’ has been specified.
-m68040’ has been specified.
-m68060[EXPERIMENTAL] has been specified.
-m68881’ has been specified.
Note: The symbols beginning with ‘mc’ are available in three groups: plain (as specified above), with two leading underscores, and with two leading and two tailing underscores. The plain ones are not available when compiling with the ‘-ansi’ option. The “underscored” ones were first made available in the ‘GCC’, ‘Geek Gadgets’ snapshot ‘970109’.

mc68000’ is defined regardless of which ‘-m680x0’ options have been used.

In addition to the above, a preprocessor symbol ‘ixemul’ (together with the “underscored” versions) is available when not compiling with ‘-noixemul’ (see -noixemul) and identifies the runtime environment as ‘IXEmul’. This symbol was first made available in the ‘GCC’, ‘Geek Gadgets’ snapshot ‘970328’.