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2.4 -fbaserel32

The difference between the ‘-fbaserel32’ and ‘-fbaserel’ options (see -fbaserel) is the same as between the standard ‘GCC’ options ‘-fPIC’ and ‘-fpic’.

Code generated with ‘-fbaserel32’ references data with 32 bit offsets relative to the ‘a4’ address register. In contrast to the ‘-fbaserel’ (see -fbaserel) option, there is no 64 KB size limit. Unfortunately, the addressing modes with 32 bit offsets are only available on 68020 and higher processors. Therefore, it is necessary to specify ‘-m68020’ or higher to use this option.

Note: This option used to be called ‘-flarge-baserel’ before ‘Geek Gadgets’ snapshot ‘970109’. Since it was not functional then, this should not cause any compatibility problems.

The negative form of ‘-fbaserel32’ is ‘-fno-baserel32’, and is on by default.