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2.13 -frepo

The AmigaOS port of ‘GCC’ includes ‘C++Template Repository patch, so-called ‘repo’ patch.

In order to activate it, please compile ‘C++’ source files with ‘-frepo’. The compiler will not generate unnecessary ‘template’ code, and will create ‘.rpo’ files that contain information about ‘template’ symbols used in each source file. Afterwards, during linking stage, a special tool called ‘collect2’ will make sure that every required instantiation of each ‘template’ is linked into the executable, recompiling some source files if necessary.

Note: This option was first made available in the ‘GCC’, ‘Geek Gadgets’ snapshot ‘970109’.

This option is not specific to the AmigaOS port of ‘GCC’, nevertheless it is not fully supported in the baseline sources.

This patch has been created in Cygnus Support, a company that is a major contributor to the ‘GNU’ project. It has not been integrated into the baseline sources due to design disagreements.

The negative form of ‘-frepo’ is ‘-fno-repo’, and is on by default.

For more information, please refer to the ‘G++ FAQ’.