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2.10 -mrestore-a4

This option is used to create the ‘IXEmul’ shared libraries (those *.ixlibrary files).

It sets ‘a4’ to the appropriate value in the prologues of all public functions (i.e., functions with external linkage). This is necessary if these functions are called from the code of application.

Note: This option should not be used except for the creation of an ‘IXEmul’ shared library.

This option was first made available in the ‘GCC’ 2.7.2, ‘Geek Gadgets’ snapshot ‘960902’. It used to be called ‘-frestore-a4’, and was relabeled to its current name in the ‘GCC’, ‘Geek Gadgets’ snapshot ‘961012’.

The negative form of ‘-mrestore-a4’ is ‘-mno-restore-a4’, and is on by default.

For more information, please refer to the ‘A2IXLibrary’ documentation.