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2.1 -noixemul

By default, the executables created with ‘GCC’ require ‘ixemul.library’ to run. This has its advantages (easy porting of ‘UN*X’ programs, resource tracking, debugging, profiling, etc) and disadvantages (‘UN*X’-style pathnames, large shared library, etc).

If ‘-noixemul’ is specified on the ‘GCC’ command line, the executable created will not require ‘ixemul.library’ — it will use the static linker library ‘LibNIX’ instead. This library is very Amiga-like and ‘SAS/C’-like, so it is convenient for the AmigaOS-specific development.

Note: There is no great mystery about the ‘-noixemul’ option. It has absolutely no effect on the code generated by the compiler, only instructing the ‘gcc’ driver to pass different options to the linker and preprocessor (see Options information, see Library flavors).

This option has no negative form.

For more information, please refer to the ‘LibNIX’ documentation.