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6.3.4 Stack extension fine tuning

To adjust the behaviour of the stack extension code to your personal needs you may set some of the following variables (or functions)

unsigned long __stk_minframe’ (default: 32768)

Minimum amount of memory to allocate for a new stackframe. Setting a higher value speeds the code up but costs more memory if it is unused.

unsigned long __stk_safezone’ (default: 2048)

Size of the safety zone. Set this to a higher value if you want to call functions with lots of arguments.

unsigned long __stk_argbytes’ (default: 256)

Number of bytes copied as arguments. Set this to a higher value if your functions may have lots of arguments.

void _CXOVF(void)

Is a user replaceable stack overflow handler. The default one just pops up a requester, then exits. This function is not allowed to return.